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Getting the color right

At VIP Nails, our manicurists look for the nail color that will compliment your other natural colors. We treat nails and hands with the same care. The right color or designer nails can make a big difference in your look. We want to create nail designs for you that you can wear anywhere you want, from polished bright to a varnished sharp look.

Nail enhancements like acrylics and nail gels are a styling wonder for our manicurists. Our pedicures result in a finished look that amaze. We paint fascinating pictures and compelling designs on nails that can be modern or classic and apply brightly colored stickers or glimmering jewelry.

Our French manicures are stylish, simple and oh-so-smart! The simple elegance is sure to please. We gently remove old nails and put on new quickly and painlessly.

Our manicurists know the importance of healthy nails and promote healthy nail growth. We use clear polish proteins and natural moisturizers to restore nails that have been cracked, broken or damaged. We care enough to discuss with you the problems your nails may be experiencing. We can address any damage.

We use hand and foot treatments that use natural and healthy Aloe Vera, chamomile and fruit waxes like strawberry and peach as ingredients. This ensures that necessary emollients and healthy oils are absorbed by the skin. Our manicurists offer a knowledgeable, reliable service and we offer a variety of nail polish products.