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Nail Enhancements and Nail Extensions

Whether you want the most natural looking long nails you can find, or you want to make a bold fashion statement, consider VIP Nails professional extensions and enhancements. We have beautiful tips available in a variety of styles and colors. If you’re planning any type of change to your nails, thinks of VIP Nails. We want to treat you to the latest dynamic metallic colors and beautiful prints, or just simple basic colors. Come back down to earth, or take off for a new solar system. From Flamboyant to subdued, we offer it all.

We just create longer, better nail enhancements. Our manicurists offer affordable, in salon acrylic nails with the color and unique design you want. Our UV gel nails are not only top quality, with the strength and reliability you are looking for in nail enhancements, but they can go anywhere you go. Our terrific fiberglass and beautiful silk wrap enhancements are done right at the salon, and you are going to love the color combinations, designs and look.

If you have the time to spend on a touch up or you want the full treatment, come into our salon. It’s fully equipped to give you the most relaxing manicure or pedicure you could desire. Talk to our manicurists and discover the best enhancements for you. The number of designs, colors and styles we offer will impress. If you don’t have the time for a full foot or hand massage, we will work with you to get the look you want in the time you want to spend. Our manicures and enhancements last too.